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1) In the process of soldering, you have noticed solder not sticking to sufficiently heated copper soldering bit when rubbed over solder bar. What step do you take to overcome the problem? *

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2) Which one of the following statements is correct? .

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3) Solders with a tin content of ………………. or more are classified as fine solders and are used in soldering instruments where temperatures are critical.

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4) Special solders are used for specific purposes. Which solder is used to solder food handling vessels?

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5) For soldering which one of the following metals, zinc chloride is NOT used as flux?

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6) A soldering bit consists of a piece of …………………….fastened to an iron rod with a wooden handle.

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7) This is a soldering process in which two surfaces are soldered together without allowing the solder to be seen. What is this process called?


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8) As a safety precaution you should avoid touching your face while working with solder, because most solders contain

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9) The composition of soft solder is …………………

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