1) A grinding wheel marked with ‘C’ is made with the abrasive


Aluminium oxide

Silicon carbide




Correct Answer (B)


2) As per Indian Standards the grain size ‘46’ comes under the group


very fine





Correct Answer (D)


3) As per Indian Standards the ‘M’ grade of grinding wheel comes under the group


very hard





Correct Answer (D)


4) The symbol conventionally used for resinoid bond is







Correct Answer (C)


5) A grinding wheel is marked : 51 A 46 L 5 V —23. Here what does 5 denote?


Kind of bond

Kind of abrasive


Grain size


Correct Answer (C)


6) Balancing of wheel is done to


make the sides of the wheel parallel

make the outside diameter concentric with the bore

equalize the weight in every position of the wheel

none of the above


Correct Answer (C)


7) Grinding fluids are used to


reduce the friction between the wheel face and the job

wash away chips

prevent loading of wheel

all of the above.


Correct Answer (D)


8)Taps are re-sharpened by grinding ……………







Correct Answer (B)


9) The tapping hole should be …………………..


larger than the tap size

smaller than the tap size

equal to the tap size

equal to the core (minor) diameter of the tap


Correct Answer (D)


10) A rough file is used ………………….


to reduce the metal rapidly

on irregular jobs

it smooth file is not available

on wood


Correct Answer (A)


11) Tap water is NOT preferred as coolant white drilling. What is the reason for this?


Quick evaporation of water

Danger of corrosion

Insufficient cooling effect

Decrease in cutting action of drill


Correct Answer (B)


12) A die is ……………..


internal thread cutting tool

external thread cutting tool

acme thread cutting tool

square thread cutting tool


Correct Answer (B)


13) A groove is being chipped by a chisel. How will you avoid the metal breaking off as a lump, when reaching the end of the groove?


By using soluble oil

By holding the chisel with less inclination

By chipping the end portion from opposite side.

By chipping with light force when reaching the end


Correct Answer (C)


14) You have to cut an aluminium block to smooth finish. Which one of the following cut of file is most suitable? *

4 points

Rasp cut

Double cut

Single cut

Circular cut


Correct Answer (C)


15) For Cylindrical grinding a small diameter work with fairly large wheel, which among the following grades of wheel should be used?


Very soft





Correct Answer (C)


16) The teeth of hacksaw blade are set to


provide clearance for the blade

prevent jamming and breakage of blade

make the kerf wider than the blade

all of the above


Correct Answer (D)


17) Which one the following drilling machines is used for drilling holes where electricity is not available?


Pillar drilling machine

Ratchet drilling machine

Bench drilling machine

Radial drilling machine


Correct Answer (B)


18) Which of the following reamers is particularly suitable for reaming holes having keyway grooves?


Helical fluted reamer

Pilot reamer

Straight fluted reamer

Taper reamer


Correct Answer (A)


19) Which one of the following is NOT the cause for glazing of wheel ?


Hard wheel in place of soft wheel

Feed rate is too fine

Improper dressing of wheel

Dirty coolant


Correct Answer (C)


20) The effect of using a glazed or loaded wheel is


more heat generation

poor surface finish

excessive cutting pressure between the wheel face and the work surface

all the above


Correct Answer (B)


21) Which among the following is NOT the cause for loading of grinding wheel?


Proper grain size and grade of wheel.

Wheel speed more than recommended

Feed too fine

Dense structure


Correct Answer (A)


22) Which one the following reamers can adjust itself in case of slight misalignment when fitted on a tailstock?


Floating reamer

Parallel reamer

Adjustable reamer

Taper reamer


Correct Answer (A)


23) How does a hand reamer differ from a machine reamer?


Larger bevel lead for the cutting edges

More number of cuffing teeth

Less number of cutting teeth

Unequal spacing of cutting edges


Correct Answer (A)


24) It is commonly observed that the face of a grinding wheel becomes shiny and smooth or glazed after some use due to one of the following reasons.


Grade of wheel is too hard

Abrasive of wheel is not suitable for the purpose

Grain size is too coarse

Structure of the wheel is too open


Correct Answer (A)


25) What is the cause of a grinding wheel becoming glazed in a grinding machine?


Feed and traverse are less

Grinding wheel’s grade is too soft

Grinding wheel’s grade is too large

Grinding wheel’s speed is too high and work speed is low


Correct Answer (D)




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