1) Which type of transformer is used in arc welding?

None of these



one to one

Correct Answer (C)

2) The position in which it is easiest to weld is





Correct Answer (B)

3) The electrode size refer to

diameter of its core wire

diameter of electrode

thickness of flux coating

length of electrode

Correct Answer (A)

4) In a gas welding plant, the leakage of the gas must be tested in all connections. In which following is applied for checking oxygen connections?

Soap water

Distilled water

Fresh water

Ordinary water

Correct Answer (C)

5) Which one of the following is not an arc welding process?

Laser welding

MIG welding

TIG welding

Atomic hydrogen welding

Correct Answer (A)

6) Which one of the following is not a fuel gas?

Coal gas




Correct Answer (C)

7) During gas welding, sometimes the joining pieces get permanent change in shape and size from original. The reason for this defect is

localised, heating and cooling

unsuitable flame setting

edge preparation is not property done

unsuitable nozzle size is selected

Correct Answer (A)

8) Various gas cutting nozzle sizes are available. For selection of nozzle size which factor is to be considered in gas cutting?

Duration of cut

Purity of oxygen

Thickness of material

Type of cutting blow pipe

Correct Answer (C)

9) While gas cutting, to start the out, hold the cutting nozzle at angle 90 degree with the plate surface. How much distance to be maintained for gas cutting from the surface of metal to the tip of nozzle?

10 to 12 mm

6 to 9 mm

3 to 5 mm

1 to 2 mm

Correct Answer (C)

10) What is the purpose of tack welding before root welding?

To obtain complete penetration

To avoid over melting on starting point of the base metal

To avoid incomplete welding on both end of the joining parts

To maintain the gap and alignment of the joining parts

Correct Answer (D)

11) By which tool slag on welding bead is removed?

Chipping hammer




Correct Answer (A)

12) Which device convert AC supply into DC supply?




None of these

Correct Answer (A)

13) When two plates are placed over each other at right angle for joint, then this joint is called? *

5 points

Butt joint

Edge joint


Corner joint

Correct Answer (C)

14) Electrode in manual metallic arc welding is used as

filler metal

base metal



Correct Answer (A)

15) The arc utilized in electric arc welding is ………………

low voltage, high current discharge

low voltage, low current discharge

high voltage, high current discharge

high voltage, low current discharge

Correct Answer (A)

16) One of the functions of electrode coating is

to increase welding current

to prevent rusting

to stabilise the arc

to control arc temperature

Correct Answer (C)

17) Various size filler rods are used in gas welding.The selection of filler rod size depends upon

thickness of material

welding position

type of metal to be joined

types of gas

Correct Answer (A)

18) Two operations are done in oxy-acetylene gas cutting, they are pre-heating and cutting. Which flame should be set for pre-heating before cutting?

Carburizing flame

Neutral flame

Slightly carburizing flame

Oxidizing flame

Correct Answer (B)

19) What type of gas flame should be used for bronze welding?

Neutral flame

Carburising flame

Oxidising flame

Slightly carburising flame

Correct Answer (C)

20) Main reason for slag inclusion is

use of high current

use of thick electrode

use of short arc

improper cleaning of workpiece

Correct Answer (D)


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