1) The Suitable cutting fluid for drilling M.S. plate is


soluble oil



compressed air


Correct Answer (B)


2) The commonly used standard length of hacksaw blade is


100 mm

150 mm

200 mm

250 mm


Correct Answer (D)



3) The distance a drill advances into the job in one complete revolution is known as


machine speed

cutting speed




Correct Answer (D)


4) Which one of the following is used to hold the straight shank drill having diameter less than 12 mm?




Drill chuck

Drill drift


Correct Answer (C)



5) The rate of feed depends upon


finish required

material of tool (drill)

material to be drilled

all the above


Correct Answer (D)


6) Which among the following is NOT the factor for selection of cutting speed and feed for reaming a hole with a machine reamer? *

4 points

Material of the reamer.

Rigidity of the fixture.

Diameter (size) of the reamer.

Material of the job.


Correct Answer (B)


7) A nut is to be made for a screw of M10 x 1.5. What should be the size of drilled hole?


8.5 mm

9.0 mm

9.5 mm

10.0 mm


Correct Answer (A)


8) Which among the following factors will NOT influence the selection of the cutting speed while performing operation on drilling machine ?


Material of job

Width of job

Operation to be performed

Material of tool


Correct Answer (B)


9) The reamer teeth and spacing are designed to assist in reaming more accurate holes with good surface finish. Which one of the following is true regarding the number of teeth and their spacing?


Uneven number of teeth and uneven spacing

Uneven number of teeth and even spacing

Even number of teeth and uneven spacing

Even number of teeth and even


Correct Answer (C)


10) which among the following is an artificial abrasive?



Aluminaum Oxide




Correct Answer (C)


11) The angle of drill grinding gauge is







Correct Answer (C)


12) A die nut is nothing but


a nut for tightening the die in the die stock

a die which is used for cutting threads in nuts

a die in the shape of a nut

a nut forged by using dies


Correct Answer (A)


13) A warding file is similar to


flat file but thinner in thickness

flat file but uniform in width

hand file but narrow in width

flat file but thinner and uniform in thickness


Correct Answer (A)


14) The taper shank of a drill of 20 mm diameter has


MT-1 taper

MT-2 taper

MT-3 taper

MT-4 taper


Correct Answer (B)


15) For grinding carbide materials


Diamond wheel is used

Corundum wheel is used

Silicon carbide wheel is used

Aluminium oxide wheel is used


Correct Answer (A)


16) Hacksaw blades with fine-pitched teeth are more effective on


thin section metal

soft metals

broad section metals



Correct Answer (A)


17) When threading a blind hole, the third (finisher) tap is used


to form the threads easily

to thread the hole with full threads upto the bottom

after the first (rougher) tap

to start the threads


Correct Answer (B)


18) In case of a single cut file, the teeth are cut on the file face at an angle of


45° to the centre line of the file

60° to the centre line of the file

75° to the centre line of the file

80° to the centre line of the file


Correct Answer (B)


19) A short reamer with an axial hole used with an arbor or mandrel is called


parallel reamer

adjustable reamer

expansion reamer

chucking reamer


Correct Answer (D)


20) The material of twist drill is generally


Cast steel

Carbide steel




Correct Answer (D)


21) The best position to hold the job in the vice when filing is


arm level

eye level

elbow level

shoulder level


Correct Answer (B)


22) Which one among the following is NOT the cause for a broken tap while tapping?


Too much downward pressure is applied

Cutting oil is not used

The tap has coarse threads

Smaller tap drill size is used


Correct Answer (C)


23) What will happen if the job is loosely fitted between centres in cylindrical grinding?


The job will not rotate

The job will be oversized

The job will be out of round

The job will be thrown out


Correct Answer (C)


24) The cause for glazing of a grinding wheel is


  1. a) grain size is too fine
  2. b) wheel is hard.
  3. c) wheel speed is too fast
  4. d) ‘A’ and ‘B’ both


Correct Answer (D)


25) Which one of the following bonds is most commonly used on grinding wheels?






Correct Answer (A)



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