1) Both sides of a flat bastard file have

no cut

single cut teeth

double cut teeth

wavy teeth

Correct Answer (C)


2) The leng th of hacksaw blade is measured from

one end of the toothed portion to the other end

centre of one pin hole to the centre of other pin hole

end to end of blade

end of one hole to the end of the other pin hole


Correct Answer (B)



3) The new hacksaw blade should not be used in the blind saw cut made by old blade because


the space is not enough to run the blade

the blade is costly

the new blade has sharp teeth

none of the above


Correct Answer (A)


5) File card is used for


cleaning the chips

cleaning the file teeth

cleaning the workpiece

renewing the file teeth


Correct Answer (B)



6) Setting of teeth in hacksaw blade is


not required

required to avoid friction between the blade and workpiece

required for providing teeth on the blade

required for increasing the strength of blade


Correct Answer (B)



7) A Ø 6H7 hole is to be reamed in a steel workpiece. What size of drill will be required?


5.5 mm

5.8 mm

6.0 mm

6.2 mm


Correct Answer (B)



8) Which one of the following materials is used for making a grinding wheel ?



Silicon carbide


Calcium carbonate


Correct Answer (B)



9) Spot-facing is done to


make surface flat so that bolt head can take proper seat on the surface.

give fine finish to the drilled hole.

deburr the mouth of the drilled hole

enlarge the existing hole.


Correct Answer (A)


10) For tapping with M5 tap, what size drill will you use?


4.0 mm

3.5 mm

4.5 mm

3.8 mm


Correct Answer (A)



11) A slight convexity is made on the cutting edges of flat chisel for


cutting curved surfaces.

allowing lubricant to reach the cutting edge.

preventing digging of the ends of cutting edge.

cutting sharp corners


Correct Answer (C)



12) The point angle of twist drill depends upon the


type of drilling machine

size of the drill

material to be drilled

cutting speed


Correct Answer (C)



13) The point angle of twist drill for general purposes is







Correct Answer (B)



14) The relief angle given behind the cutting lips is called


lip clearance angle

helix angle

rake angle

chisel edge angle



Correct Answer (A)



16) The process of enlarging the end of an existing hole to accommodate the head of socket screw is called







Correct Answer (C)



17) The process of beveling the end of existing hole is called







Correct Answer (B)



18) While chipping, the clearance angle is the angle between


the working surface of the job and the top surface of cutting edge of chisel

the working surface of the job and the bottom surface of cutting edge of chisel

the surface at right angle to the cutting edge of chisel and the working surface of the job

None of the above


Correct Answer (B)



19) The most suitable pitch of the hacksaw blade for cutting thin section tubes is


0.8 mm

1.0 mm

1.4 mm

1.8 mm


Correct Answer (A)



20) The suitable pitch of hacksaw for cutting solid brass is


0.8 mm

1.0 mm




Correct Answer (D)



21) The taper shank drills should be removed from the machine spindle by means of


tang of file





Correct Answer (D)



22) Drill chucks are held on the machine spindle by means of



draw-in bar


chuck nut


Correct Answer (A)



23) What should be the blank size of round bar for cutting M16 threads with 2 mm pitch with a die?


15.5 mm

15.8 mm

15.9 mm

16.0 mm


Correct Answer (B)



24) Drill sleeve is used when the taper shank of the drill is


smaller than the machine spindle

larger than the machine spindle

equal to the machine spindle

None of the above


Correct Answer (A)



25) The lip clearance angle of twist drill for general purpose should be


3 to 5°

4 to 8°

8 to 12°

12 to 15°


Correct Answer (D)


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