1) A lubricant is necessary to

run the machine smoothly taking least load

run the machine quickly

stop the machine immediately

produce workpiece of greater accuracy

2) The general ratio of soluble oil and water used as coolant is





3) The best example for semi-liquid lubricant is



castor oil

lard oil

4) Best example for gravity feed lubrication is

grease gun

ring lubricator

tell-tail lubricator

wick feed lubricator

5) Most common type of cutting fluid used in almost all the machining operations is


lard oil

soluble oil

compressed air

6) Fire point is

the temperature at which an oil gives off sufficient vapour to burn it continuously when ignited

the temperature at which an oil will cease to flow when cooled

the lowest temperature at which an oil gives off sufficient vapour to support a momentary flash without actually setting fire

the temperature at which fire is produced

7) Graphite is a

liquid lubricant

semi-liquid lubricant

solid lubricant

none of the above

8) The best example for splash lubrication is

ring lubricator

wick feed lubricator

grease gun

pump lubricator

9) Slideways of a machine are frequently lubricated by


grease gun

ring lubricator

wick feed lubricator

10) Which one of the following is the reason that tap water is not preferred as coolant on machine tools?

It decreases cutting action of the tool

Danger of corrosion

It has insufficient cooling effect

Due to high cooling effect the cutting edges of tool break off

11) Which one of the following frictions occurs in an un-lubricated journal bearing?

Sliding friction

Rolling friction

Fluid friction

Dry friction

12) In which one of the following materials no cutting oil is used when drilling?

Tool steel

Grey cast iron



13) The effective cutting of steel with hand hacksaw, which one of the following coolants is suitable?

Cutting oil


Lard oil

Kerosene oil

14) Which among the following is NOT the purpose of grease?

Carry away heat produced in bearing

Prevent metal-to-metal contact and reduce friction

Prevent entry of foreign material i.e. dust, dirt etc. in the bearing

Provide a cushion to load and shocks

15) Which one of the following is NOT the property of a good lubricant?

No change in viscosity due to variation in temperature.

Reduces friction between machine parts.

Takes up the surface pressure between sliding parts.

Becomes thicker after prolonged use.

16) The most important quality of any lubricant is


specific gravity

specific heat


17) Which one of the following is the best way for preparing an emulsion?

Mix soluble oil and water by pouring both simultaneously

Add water to the soluble oil

Add soluble oil to the water

None of the above

18) Which one of the following is common method for applying cutting fluid on the tool point?

With high pressure jet

With a brush

With an oil can

Either ‘b’ or ‘c’

19) While machining cast iron, the coolant used should be

dry air


machine oil

soft water

1) Soluble oil is used as cutting fluid in ………………….


Drilling and boring


All of these

2) Usually no cutting oil is used in …………………..

Planing and shaping



Thread rolling

3) The following device is used to determine the mix ratio of water-soluble coolants:

Diffract meter


Refract meter

None of these

4) The use of metal working fluids ……………………..

Increases the tool life

Produces better surface finish

Prevents rise in temperature

All of these

5) The main constituent(s) of mineral oil is/ are ………………….




All of these

6) Which of the following is added to the cutting fluids so that soapy film is produced between the work piece & tool and chip & tool face?

a) Sulphur

b) Chlorine

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) None of these

7) Viscosity is an internal property of a fluid, it is a measure of its resistance to …………….





8) A high viscosity index indicates relatively …………………. changes in viscosity of the oil with the temperature.

a) Larger

b) Smaller

c) Constant

d) None of these

9) ………………… is the property of lubricating oil due to which the oil particles stick with the metal surfaces.

a) Oiliness

b) Pour point

c) Adhesiveness

d) None of these

10) ……………….. is the property of a lubricating oil due to which the oil retains a thin film between the two surfaces.

a) Oiliness

b) Film Strength

c) Adhesiveness

d) None of these

11) Lubricating oil

a) Minimizes wear in moving parts

b) Helps in keeping the parts cool

c) Washes away and carries away dirt

d) All of these

12) In the following system, lubricating oil is carried in separate tanks from where it is fed to the engine

Dry sump system

Mist lubrication system

Splash system

Wet sump system

13) ………………… is the ability of the oil to resist internal deformation due to mechanical stresses.

a) Viscosity

b) Flash point

c) Fire point

d) None of these

14) Temperature at which the lubricant catches fire

Flash point

Fire point

Pour point


15) Temperature at which the vapours is given of from the oil ?

Flash point

Fire point


Pour point

16) Which one of the following is liquid lubricant?



Molybdenum disuiphide

Synthetic oil

18) Solid lubricant is ……………………..

Caster Oil

Lord Oil



19) Cutting compound used during machining operation is …………..

Tarpin Oil



Soluble Oil

20) Splash lubrication is done by …………….

Grease Gun

Ring Lubricator

Oil can

Pump Lubricator



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