1) The curved end of a crowbar is used as

first-class lever

second-class lever

third-class lever

None of the above

2) Crowbars are also known as

press bars

wedge bars

pry bars

split bars

3) Why do masons prefer to use plumb bob with nylon string?

It is cheap

It is more accurate

It can stand dampness

It is easy to carry

4) Which one of the following is not a basic component of wire rope?





5) Preventive maintenance is

the overall lubrication and repair work carried out by the maintenance section in advance of the machine coming to breakdown.

the maintenance work for any fault noticed during working.

done to prevent the maintenance of machines.

none of the above

6) Leveling bolts are used for

supporting the load for machine

adjusting the height of machine

rigidity of machine

none of the above

7) Which one of the following tests is carried out after overhauling and reconditioning of machines?

Periodic acceptance test

Geometrical test only

Performance test only

None of the above

8) The permissible deviation for leveling of machine is

0.03 / lOO mm

0.03 / 200 mm

0.03 / 300 mm

0.03 / 400 mm

9) Which one of the following is used for checking run out of the internal taper of machine spindle?

Dial test indicator

Test mandrel and dial test indicator

Precision height gauge

Test mandrel and precision height gauge

10) The sensitivity of precision spirit level is

0.02 to O.05 / l00 mm

0.02 to 0.05 / 200 mm

0.02 to 0.05 / 500 mm

0.02 to 0.05 / 1000 mm

11) A concrete mixture ratio is given as 1 : 2 : 4. Which one of the following indicates the numbers?

One part cement, two parts sand and four parts stone

One part stone, two parts cement and four parts sand

One part sand, two parts stone and four parts cement

One part cement, two parts stone and four parts sand

12) Name the foundation bolt usually forged and filled up with lead or cement.

Rag bolt

Bent type bolt

Eye foundation bolt

Ordinary foundation bolt

13) Which type of knot is used to joins two pieces of rope of equal diameters?

Slip knot

Sheep shank knot

Square knot

Bowline knot

14) Name the tool which is used for pulling big nail out of timber and move the heavy objects.

Cutting plier



Clew hammer

15) Which testing Instrument is used for checking the vertical horizontal levels of machines?

Block spirit level

Straight edge

Solid test mandrel

Try square

16) Maintenance consists of the following action(s)

a) Replacement of components

b) Repair of components

c) Service of components

d) All of these

17) Rag bolt is a type of

Locking bolt

Foundation bolt

Welding bolt

Heavy duty bolt

18) A systematic approach for maintenance is

Problem — Measure — Diagnosis – Rectification

Problem— Diagnosis — Cause — Rectification

Problem — Cause — Diagnosis — Rectification

Problem— Diagnosis — Measure — Rectification

19) While dismantling part, ………….. is must.


Mark for identity


None of these

20) How many type of maintenance are there ?





21) …………….. is necessary for continuous better production.

Routine maintenance

Breakdown maintenance

Preventive maintenance

None of these

22) Spirit level is used for ………….

Testing of machine

While machine is erected

While foundation of machine

For starting of machine

23) Crowbar is made by ……………..


Cast iron



24) Name the fixed type foundation bolt that is usually forged and filled up with lead and cement?

Ordinary bolt

bent type bolt

Rag bolt

Eye bolt

25) Which type of crow bar is easier to handle and the point will fit into a narrow gap?

Short crow bar

Long crow bar

Single ended crow bar

Double ended crow bar

26) The sensitiveness of the spirit level depends upon the …………………

type of liquid filled in the glass tube

size of the bubble

length of the glass tube

curvature of the glass tube

27) The spirit level is used for checking the level of machine when …………..

shifting the machine

lifting the machine

grouting the machine

erecting the machine

28) Fastening of one part of rope to other point of rope is known as …………….




Round turn

29) Preventive maintenance is carried Out

Before failure of machine

After failure of machine

Both (a) & (b)

None of these

30) Block spirit level is used to check ……………………..

Horizontal level

Vertical level

Both (a) & (b)

Only angular measurement

31) Spirit level is used for …………

Foundation of machine

While machine is erected

Testing for machine

For starting of machine

32) Which type of rope knot is used for lifiting light load?

Slip knot

Square knot

Bowline knot

Clove hitch knot

33) What is the purpose of clove hitch knot?

Joins two pieces of ropes

Secure rope to pipe or post

Secure rope to small pipe or ring

For lifting light loads

34) Which wire rope strands are twisted in the opposite direction?

Rigid lay rope

Land lay rope

Combined lay rope

Regular rope

35) What material is used as a grouting for steam turbines?


Cement concrete grout


Clay, lime, brick grou



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