1) Which type of gear is used to connect two intersecting shafts?

Bevel gear

Spur gear

Helical gear

Worm gear

2) Which type of clutch has got claw?

Positive clutch

Friction clutch

Both (a) and (b)

None of these

3) Which type of clutch is used for light road?

Positive clutch’

Friction clutch

Magnetic clutch

None of these

4) Which type of belting is used for rotating two parallel pulleys in same direction?

Open belting

Cross belting

Close belting

All of these

5) Which power transmission is used between water lifting pump and electric motor?

Gear drive



Cam drive

6) ‘V’ belt is fit for

open belt drive

cross belt drive

quarter twist drive

None of these

7) The sum of addendum and dedendum of the tooth of a gear is called

root depth

working depth

whole depth

tooth depth

8) Which one of the following belt fasteners is used for heavy duty cycle?

Jakson type

Alligator type

Wire type

Degrella type

9) Which type of clutch is mostly used in automobile?

Cone clutch

Single plate clutch

Multi plate clutch

Centrifugal clutch

10) Which of the following is not a power transmission element?





11) When the driving and driven shafts are at comparatively larger distance apart, the type of drive suitably used is

belt drive

friction drive

chain drive

gear drive

12) A driver gear having 25 teeth runs at 1200 rpm. If the rpm of the follower gear are 600. What would be the number of teeth of the driven gear?

120 teeth

100 teeth

80 teeth

50 teeth

13) The number of teeth of a gear is divided by pitch circle diameter to find out

a) diametral pitch

b) pitch diameter

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) None of these

14) Which gear is used between the follower and driver gears for changing the direction of rotation of gear?

Bevel gear

Idler gear

Helical gear

Worm gear

15) Which one of the following is generally used to connect driving and driven shafts in the automobiles?




All of these

16) Which one of the following method is used for repairing of broken teeth of gear?

Dovetail patch

Studding method

Binding plates

All of these

17) Which one of the following statement is not correct in respet of ‘V’ belt drive?

It is compact

It can be easily replaced and its maintenance is easy

It causes less noise and vibrations

It is used where distance between driver and driven pulleys is more

18) Spur gear is generally used

for power transmission between two parallel shafts

for transferring circular motion

in indexing head

For transmission of motion between two shafts

19) Which one of the following pulleys is used for obtaining different speed ratios?

Solid pulley

Split pulley

Jockey pulley

Stepped pulley

20) Which of the following type of belts is also known as positive drive belt?

Flat belt


Wedge type belt

Timing belt



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