1) If a worker has suffered from electric shock, he should be

kept warm and covered

made to walk

given a cold drink

given an alcoholic drink

Correct Answer (A)

2) Which one of the following is a temporary joint?

Riveted joint

Press fit joint

Welded joint

Soldered joint

Correct Answer (B)

3) Which type of fire extinguisher is used in a welding shop?

Foam type extinguisher

Dry powder extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide extinguisher

Halon extinguisher

Correct Answer (C)

4) The arc utilized in electric arc welding is a

High voltage, high current discharge

Low voltage, low current discharge

Low voltage, high current discharge

High voltage, low current discharge

Correct Answer (C)

5) Which one of the following is the type of transformer used in arc welding?

Step down

Step up


Capable of increasing supply voltage

Correct Answer (A)

6) The welding machine, which is used to convert AC welding supply to DC welding supply is

Rectifier set

Motor generator set

Engine generator set

Welding transformer

Correct Answer (A)

7) In DC welding heat distribution is possible between electrode and the base metal due to the change of polarity. The distribution of heat is

Positive 2/3 and negative 1/3

Positive 1/3 and negative 2/3

Positive 3/4 and negative 1/4

Positive 1/4 and negative 3/4

Correct Answer (A)

8) The size of a welding machine is determined by

Output amperage

Closed circuit voltage

Open circuit voltage

Input amperage

Correct Answer (A)

9) The position in which it is easiest to weld is





Correct Answer (D)

10) The electrode size refers to

diameter (overall) of electrode

diameter of its core wire

length of electrode

thickness of flux coating

Correct Answer (B)

11) One of the functions of electrode coating is

to increase welding current

to prevent rusting

to stabilize the arc

to control arc temperature

Correct Answer (C)

12) The electrodes are manufactured in two standard lengths namely

350 mm and 250 mm

350 mm and 450 mm

400 mm and 500 mm

12” and 10”

Correct Answer (B)

13) The correct colours for oxygen and acetylene hoses are:

Black for oxygen and maroon for acetylene

Red for oxygen and blue for acetylene

Black for oxygen and red for acetylene

Red for oxygen and maroon for acetylene

Correct Answer (A)

14) In an acetylene cylinder, the acetylene is dissolved in



Carbon dioxide


Correct Answer (D)

15) The function of the central hole in the tip of the cutting blowpipe is

Supply acetylene for cutting

Supply oxygen for preheating

Supply oxygen for cutting

Supply acetylene for preheating

Correct Answer (C)

16) Cast iron contains two elements, whichmake it difficult to cut it by gas cutting.What are these elements?

Silicon and sulphur

Silicon and graphite

Graphite and phosphorous

Sulphur and phosphorous

Correct Answer (B)

17) Which fuel gas is used for cutting deep under water?





Correct Answer (C)

18) If L (mm) is the length of the inner cone of the flame, the tip-to-metal distance should be

L mm




Correct Answer (B)

19) The correct flame for preheating before cutting is

oxidizing flame

neutral flame

carburising flame

slightly carburizing flame

Correct Answer (B)

20) While gas cutting the nozzle should

almost touch the work

be 10 mm away from work

be 2 mm away from work

be 5 mm away from work

Correct Answer (D)


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