Q.1) Which one of the following stakes is used when shaping and seaming funnels and tapered articles?

Creasing stake

Half-moon stake

Hatchet stake

Funnel stake

Correct Answer (D)

Q.2) Which among the following stakes provides a double-ended support ?

Creasing stake

Hatchet stake

Horse stake

Half-moon stake

Correct Answer (C)

Q.3) The least bend radius for bending sheet/plate varies depending on the

Material and thickness of plate

Direction of plate

Working temperature

All the above

Correct Answer (D)

Q.4) For making various types of hems and seams from the sheet metal of thickness less than 0.4 mm, the allowance should be

Twice the thickness of sheet.

Three times the thickness of sheet.

Four times the thickness of sheet.

No allowance.

Correct Answer (D)

Q.6) Which one of the following sheets is used for making highly corrosive acid tanks ?

Stainless steel sheets

Galvanised iron sheets

Black iron sheets

Lead sheets

Correct Answer (D)

Q.8) The properties of a sheet metal vary depending on the rolling direction of the sheet is called ……





Correct Answer (B)

Q.9) Which one of the stake is used to make a sharp bends and folding straight edges of sheet metal?

Creasing iron stake

Funnel stake

Hatchet stake

Half moon stake

Correct Answer (C)

Q.10) The most suitable tool for correct folding of sheet metal at 90° is ………..

folding bars

angle iron

hand hammer

hatchet stake

Correct Answer (B)

Q.11) Which hammer is used for sheet metal work?

Croos pein hammer

Ball pein hammer

Sledge hammer

Soft hammer (wood)

Correct Answer (D)

Q.12)The type of Brush used to remove coars rust in a sheet metal before painting is

wooden brush

painting brush

nylon brush

wire brush

Correct Answer (D)

Q.13) Which is most commonly used stake in sheet metal work?

Round bottom stake

Bick iron stake

Funnel stake

Half moon stake

Correct Answer (B)

Q.14) A stamping process that produces a shallow relief design on sheet metal is ……………





Correct Answer (A)

Q.15) The process by which the edges of the sheets are made stronger and rigid is

over lapping parts

edge stiffening



Correct Answer (B)

Q.16) Mention the type of stake joint in which alternate clips are folded in opposite direction?

Zig-zag stake joint

lnclined stake joint

Straight stake joint

Parallel stake joint

Correct Answer (A)

Q.17) Which type of seam can be used to join a collar to a flange without using solder or screw or rivets?

Snap lock seam

Dovetail seam

Cleat seam

Pitts burg seam

Correct Answer (B)

Q.18) The type of snip used for trimming cylindrical or conical work in sheet metal is …………..

curve cutting machine


bent snips

lever sheer

Correct Answer (C)

Q.19) How will you specify the folding machine?

Maximum thickness of the sheet

Maximum width of the machine

Maximum length and thickness of sheet

Maximum length of the machine

Correct Answer (C)

Q.20) Bending allowance is proportional to the


width of the material

length of the material

thickness of the material

flatness of the material

Correct Answer (C)

Q.21) Shears are used to cut

thick sheet

rubber sheets

very thinned sheet

Gl. wire

Correct Answer (A)

Q.22) It is used to draw long arcs and circles, is also called a beam compass?

Arc Scriber



Trammel Points

Correct Answer (D)

Q.23) Which hand held punch is used to mark points when laying out patterns on sheet metal?

Center Punch

Prick punch

Solid Punch

Hollow Punch

Correct Answer (B)

Q.25) Work as a fast acting punch that nibbles a small hole out of the metal with every stroke. Its main advantage is that it can cut very heavy metal accurately without distorting it since both sides of the metal remain perfectly flat during cutting. what is it?


Band Saw

Power Hand Shears


Correct Answer (A)


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