1) In the following, the advantage of plane washer is

represented a good looking of job

provide a correct support of nut

divide the force in a large area

covered the clearance of a big hole

Correct Answer- (C)

2) Tab washer is used for

provide a good support to nut

decrease the machines vibrations

for automatic locking of nut

for locking the nut

Correct Answer- (D)

3) A spring washer is used for

a) protection for deterioration from nuts

b) to tighten the nuts in a vibration place

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) None of the above

Correct Answer- (B)

4) For the making of soft solder, lead is mixed with





Correct Answer- (B)

5) Which of the following is not a type of key





Correct Answer- (D)

6) Which fastener is permanent?





Correct Answer- (B)

7) Which fastner is semi-permanent?





Correct Answer- (C)

8) Which fastener is temporary?




None of these

Correct Answer- (A)

9) Which screw is used to connect the collar and shaft in a position?

Hexagonal head screw

Hexagonal socket set screw

Pan head screw

Square head screw

Correct Answer- (B)

10) Which type of washer is used for locking the nut by bending the washer against the side of the nut?

Locking plate

Spring washer

Tab washer

Locking washer with lug

Correct Answer- (C)

11) Why the woodruff keys are used on small tapered shafts with assembly?

It is easy to fit and self align with key way to hub

It takes the shear stress

It takes heavy load

It is less expensive

Correct Answer- (A)

12) The split pins are used to lock the nuts. What Will happen if the same split pin is continuously used in an assembly?

While reassembling result is misalignment between the hole in the bolt and nut in the slot and loose its strength

The pin does not withstand load

Slot cut in the nut reduces the strength of the pin

The pin may break off

Correct Answer- (D)

13) State the reason, why anti-fatigue bolts are used in connecting rod big ends in an engine assembly?

To take the loads when the assembly is subjected to alternating load conditions

To avoid loosening of parts of the assembly

To have firm grip during movement of the assembly

To withstand the shock of the assembly during motion

Correct Answer- (A)

14) In riveted joints, the pitch of rivet is the minimum distance between the rivets, and it should be three times of rivet diameter. If the pitch of rivet is too close it will

(a) lead to gaping

(b) be difficult for riveting

(c) split the edge of joint

(d) tear the metal along the centre line of the rivets

Correct Answer- (D)

15) The woodruff key is in semicircular shape, which is

used on tapered shaft and hub assembly

removable from the assembly without removing the hub

placed between the flat surface of shaft and hub

transmitting more torque than other type of keys

Correct Answer- (A)

16) Bolts are fitted with clearance hole in an assembly. The size of the bolt hole is slightly larger than the bolt diameter. Why?

To fasten the components

To adjust slight misalignment in assembly

To lock the components to avoid loosening of parts

To grip components firmly

Correct Answer- (B)

17) The type of key useful for fittings on tapered shaft is known as ……………….

feather key

hollow saddle key

sunk key

woodruff key

Correct Answer- (A)

18) Which washer is used for normal work?

Plain washer

Lock washer

Spring washer

None of these

Correct Answer- (A)

19) For fitting a hollow saddle key

key is welded on shaft

the key is fitted by means of screws

no keyway is cut on the shaft

long keyway is cut on the shaft

Correct Answer- (C)

20) A rivet is specified by the diameter of its




None of these

Correct Answer- (C)

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